Lisbon is not
something else

Sick and tired of being compared with Berlin or Silicon Valley, we decided to search for the essence of Lisbon's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through co-creation. We don’t know what it is yet, but we know what it is not!

The first incubator came up from the will of the people of Lisbon. Six other incubators joined and what started as being something small, grew into new spaces, layers and people.

New concepts and different ways of entrepreneurship organically emerged and the initial network became too narrow. Some were more creative, more technological or digital, while others combined different characteristics.

From then on, we knew: everything can be created in Lisbon!

That’s why during the next few months we’ll be out there looking for Lisbon’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem identity.

So, if you find it, just send us an email.

We would also like to thank these people.