Lisbon is not
something else

Places are intricately linked to the people who shaped and connect them. This is also true when thinking about Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. After a month and a half of hardcore research, we came to understand that people are the ecosystem.

To all who shared their opinions, gave us some of their time, showed us their work spaces and exchanged valuable contacts, here we express our profound gratitude.

To the Mayor’s Office, for fearlessly conceiving a truly important project for Lisbon and those who want to be part of it.

To Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, for his restlessness, proximity and informality. For wanting to make Lisbon the best city in the world.

To Margarida Figueiredo, for her openmindedness and believing that everything has a solution.

To Patrícia Teixeira and her courage to embrace this commotion, of wanting to make everything happen overnight.

To Susana Corvelo always patient and delicate.

To Carla Barros, who taught us to do diagrams correctly :)

To Sara de Praetere who, without hesitating, let us visit her cowork space, gave us her opinion and even facilitated the contact with different entrepreneurs.

To Rui Malvarez, for showing us a new side to entrepreneurship.

To Miguel Ferreira, for his story of endurance on the startup world. And for his kindness.

To Maria Moutinho, for her thoughtful presence.

To all the students who dared to talk with complete strangers and share their ideas, concerns and solutions.

To Catarina Campino, for being so inspiring and for voicing the most original expression we’ve heard in a long time: “ Lisboa é telefonar para Silicon Valley e roçar com a cabeça nas cuecas da vizinha.” (the translation is simply impossible). And for borrowing us her image for the first project GIF.

To João Romão, for finding some extra time after a long day’s work to talk with us (in addition to the extra minutes he has, everyday, to help those who try to contact him).

To Pedro Carmo Oliveira, for the skype interview all the way from London and for believing that Lisbon can only be the next Lisbon.

To Fernando Mendes, for his awesome availability and kindness, for the way he has been following the project on different moments. And to Ana Rita Lança, for the hospitality.

To Miguel Fontes, for welcoming us on Startup Lisboa with open arms and for his surprising openmindedness.

To Sandra Wolf, for sharing her love story with Lisbon.

To Duarte Cordeiro, for opening his office’s door in such a relaxed way, while sharing all his knowledge and enthusiasm for the city. A true lisbonner.

To Catarina Gamboa, so efficient, so attentive and caring.

To Mariana Duarte Silva, for exploring new ways with determination and for sharing her ideas on a spring afternoon as lived in Village Underground.

To Malik Piarali, a force of nature, whose inspiring story should be heard.

To Samanta Velho who freely chose to spend her afternoon with us, sharing all the amazing statistical techniques that could help us process a load of information.

To André Marquet, a true expert on the startup world.

To Frederico Mancellos who welcomed us on his small neighbourhood, o Espaço TODOS, to show us what’s the backstage used by some of the best creative professionals in Lisbon.

To Paulo Fonseca BREAKman, connecting people every month through a networking event so important to the ecosystem.

To Rafael Evaristo and Nuno Santos, for being so kind, relaxed and spontaneous when sharing their ideas. Our door is always open!

To Sofia Santos who showed us, in a very uncomlicated way, the investor’s world que, de uma forma muito simples, nos mostrou o mundo dos investidores.

To Sofia Pessanha who hasn’t forgotten us, even though our skype call hasn’t happened yet.

To Oscar Ferruz and Bia Rodrigues from Planedia, for their availability to talk about their experiences.

To Bruno Santos Amaro and Rita Tomé, for the good mood, for opening the TecLabs doors and putting us in contact with the entrepreneurs and investigators who work there.

To Luís Carvalho and Cristina Cruz for the fresh perspective on Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To Nuno Cunha, for sharing his vast knowledge and guiding us when necessary.

To Rui Afonso Pinto, for his honesty, humblenness and courage.

To Djelal, Alexander and Reef, for having a nice and relaxed pizza lunch and for helping us understand why they have chosen Lisbon to begin their startup.

To Rui Fontes and Pedro Sampaio, for the relaxed lunch, the company and the time made available (we know how precious time is, but we knew how to make the most of it)

To Graça Fonseca for being so inspiring, for her knowledge and availability because we know that you are a really busy person :)

To Mariana Barbosa because of her beautiful and caring way of telling someone else’s story. Thanks for sharing!

To Marco Viegas for bringing some light into some of Wordpress potentialities.

To Rohan Silva, that could find 10 minutes of his busy day to talk and share his knowledge with us.

To António Santos who proved, A+B that Twitter is the real deal.

To Sandra Sick who, live from L.A., demystified Silicon Valley massajando o ego Lisboeta. Yes we can!

To Lennart Siebert, for the fascinating skype interview while taking his young son for a walk.

To Domingos Guimarães, for his relaxed and loose conversation with us. Now we know the 1200 better.

To José Damião, thank you so much for your good mood and company and for helping us validate our findings.

To Susana Fonseca, that freely talked about the diversified work that has been developed by Vitruvius Liab, and gave us a better understanding the FabLab world.

To Joana Mateus, for her drawings and constant enthusiasm with DefineLisboa’s snapchat.

To Ivo and Bartolomeu from FabLab Lisboa, a big applause! Clap! Clap! Clap! You have our respect!

To Sandra Ferreira and Carla Sancho for having us at CIM and to Elizabete for the good conversation.

To MILL makers, Rita, Maurício and Tiago, that allowed us to come in their makers space, to listen to their stories and look at their creations.